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Samoyed Puppies: 101

Looking to come home to a smiling face every night? Look no further than the Samoyed puppies for sale at Keystone Puppies. Famous for its trademark “Sammy smile,” created by the upturned corner of its mouth, this pup’s permanent grin is aptly reflected in its sweet, gentle disposition. Like all the purebred dogs available at Keystone Puppies — including American Eskimo Dogs, Tibetan Mastiffs, Chow Chows and more — our Samoyeds for sale are bred with the highest standard of integrity, free of common health & behavioral issues that affect less reputable breeders.

With origins dating back nearly 3,000 years, the Samoyed was first bred in Northern Russia and Sibera — serving as a sledge-pulling dog, as well as a reindeer herder. The dog was discovered by polar explorers some time in the 19th century and was imported from the Arctic into England. The breed was an instant hit among Britain’s upper class, and its popularity eventually spread across the world. The American Kennel Club (AKC) recognized the Samoyed as a breed in 1906, and it has become a popular show dog thanks to its graceful — albeit, substantial — stature.

As a working breed, our Samoyed puppies are highly intelligent and trainable with proper care and handling. Affectionate and loving, our Samoyeds for sale will get along well with just about everyone — from other dogs to people, including children of all ages. Known for being friendly furballs, your Samoyed puppy is sure to adapt well to strangers, but he will be at his happiest when spending time with his pack.

  • Country of Origin: Siberia
  • Weight: 35 - 65 lbs
  • Height: 19 - 23 inches
  • Color: These Arctic pups are pure white.

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Samoyed Puppies Temperament

While Samoyeds can be trained to respond to a range of commands through positive reinforcement due to their high intellect, it’s important to keep in mind that this breed can be stubborn and strong willed. Before considering adopting one of our Samoyed puppies for sale, be prepared to assert dominance from an early age — as well as offer your pup the socialization it requires to thrive amongst strangers.

As one of the more talkative dog breeds, your Samoyed puppy is likely to express both likes and dislikes through animated vocalization — including barking, howling and yelping depending on the emotion. This behavior is exacerbated when your Samoyed puppy is left alone for long stretches of time. As a pack animal with high energy levels, our Samoyed puppies for sale are best suited to homes where they’ll be given the attention and exercise they need — up to two hours per day — and are a less-than-ideal fit for smaller apartments. Due to their robust coats and origins in Siberia, these dogs are not suited to hot climates.

Samoyed Puppies Health Considerations

As an ancient breed that’s experienced little impact from human manipulation, our Samoyed puppies for sale are generally quite healthy and robust. With an average lifespan of 10 to 12 years, this breed is typical for other dogs of its size. However, like any breed, there are a few conditions to keep in mind before adopting one of our Samoyeds for sale. These include the following:

  • Hip & Elbow Dysplasia
  • Aortic Stenosis
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)
  • Sulfa Allergy

With the exception of a sensitivity to sulfa, these conditions are common across many breeds of the Samoyed’s size. The best way to ensure your puppy lives a long, healthy life is to choose your breeder carefully. Dogs from irreputable breeders and puppy mills tend to suffer from a range of genetic and behavioral issues. At Keystone Puppies, we make it our mission to stamp out unethical breeding and puppy mills for good. That’s why we work exclusively with experienced, knowledgeable breeders who are dedicated to producing pups from quality bloodlines and raising them in safe, happy homes. To learn more about our mission, read about the Keystone Puppies Health Guarantee!

Samoyed Puppies Coat & Coat Care

Like many snow breeds, they have a double coat that is very thick and dense. Their outer-coat is harsh to the touch while the undercoat is soft.

One of the most distinct traits of our Samoyed puppies for sale is their great, big double coat of fluffy fur. This consists of a long, coarse outer-coat and a soft, wooly undercoat. These dogs shed moderately year-round, but heavily twice a year—whenever the weather begins to change from cold to warm and vice versa, you can expect to find clumps of white Samoyed puppy hair all around your house.

To maintain your Samoyed puppy’s beautiful white coat, we recommend a minimum of weekly brushing. Not only will this help prevent tangling and matting, but it will also spread necessary oils across your pup’s coat and skin, keeping them shiny and healthy. Your Samoyed puppy should be bathed a minimum of every six weeks — making sure to use gentle, dog-friendly shampoo and conditioner!

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