Hypoallergenic Dogs for Sale

If you’re searching for a hypoallergenic dog, that means you really love dogs. Good for you for not letting allergies hinder your desire for puppy cuddles! Many dog lovers with allergies have found success with hypoallergenic dogs. Although no pet is entirely allergy-free, there are several dog breeds that don’t shed, limiting allergic reactions. At Keystone Puppies, we have big and small hypoallergenic dogs for sale that produce less dander than most other breeds.

These allergy friendly dogs want the same things any other puppy wants: love and affection from you. For our entire list of puppies for sale, both hypoallergenic and not, check out our new puppies!

Best Dogs for Allergies

Hypoallergenic puppies come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. In the U.S., there are over a dozen low-shedding and hairless breeds for people with allergies. Don’t let your love for adorable puppies be dismantled by allergies. You can continue to be the pet-lover that you are by choosing a puppy that doesn’t shed.

We know choosing which adorable allergy-free dog is best for you can be difficult with all the options. That’s why we created our list of the best dogs for people with allergies:

Mini Schnauzer Mini Schnauzer

Mini Schnauzers are one of the best dog breeds that don’t shed. They are small to medium size, but they have large (and loving) personalities.

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Maltese Maltese

The Maltese is one of the few breeds that can grow very long hair but is a dog that doesn’t shed a lot. Great for apartment and small living spaces!

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Portuguese Water Dog Portuguese Water Dog

The Portuguese Water Dog is an allergy-free dog that loves the water (obviously), is very affectionate to children, and is known to be easy to train.

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Poodle Poodle

The Poodle is a very popular hypoallergenic dog. This breed is known to be very intelligent, alert and extremely loyal. Don't forget about the fabulous hair!

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Dogs That Don’t Shed

While regular groomings and baths are still an essential part of owning an allergy-friendly dog, the levels of loose dander left on your carpets and furniture will be far less than other breeds. Since fur collection causes the allergic reactions, consistent cleanings will help both your allergies as well as your puppy’s coat. With hypoallergenic dogs, allergy sufferers can experience the joys of owning and raising a dog, while keeping their allergies at a very comfortable level.

Learn the difference between hypoallergenic dogs and dogs that don’t shed!

Find Your Hypoallergenic Dog Breed

Before purchasing a hypoallergenic puppy, be sure to do you research on your allergy sensitivity to the breed your selecting. Each individual reacts uniquely to hypoallergic dogs regardless if it’s a dog breed that doesn’t shed. In other words, don’t solely base your allergic sensitivity on someone else’s experience. After you have found your fur-ever breed, don’t forget to research the dog breed tendencies making sure it will adequately fit your lifestyle.

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