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Maltese Breed Overview

Want to bring home an adorable Maltese puppy for sale? You’ve come to the right place. At Keystone Puppies, our mission is to help Maltese puppies find their forever homes. In addition to Malteses, we work with a range of other breeds — including Bichon Frises, Bichpoos, Maltichons, and more! All our puppies are bred with the highest standards of ethical integrity — free of common genetic defects that impact less responsible breeders — and are raised in happy homes where they’re treated like part of the family before becoming part of yours!

The Maltese dog breed is believed to have originated more than two thousand years ago, although the exact date and place of origin are not known. The breed is said to have been a favorite lapdog of royalty in its early history, particularly around Malta where the breed gets its name. Since its arrival in Europe, the Maltese has become increasingly popular among all types of pet owners due to its intelligence and fun-loving personality.

Regardless of whether you are a pet enthusiast or simply a fan of this ancient breed’s history and heritage, adopting a Maltese will bring lots of love, companionship, and joy into your home.

  • Country of Origin: Malta
  • Weight: 4 - 7 lbs
  • Height: 6 - 10 inches
  • Color: The Maltese color is white. Slight lemon or tan markings are acceptable, but not desirable.

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Maltese Puppies Temperament

Maltese dogs are universally known for their friendly, outgoing personalities that win over people’s hearts. This breed loves being around people and children, making them a perfect family pet. They can have a bit of a stubborn streak but with consistent training they show great progress.

These dogs also love going on walks and playing in the park, making them energetic and eager to explore the outdoors. Their temperament is sweet, loving and loyal – something that many humans aspire to! The Maltese may be a small breed but they are definitely big when it comes to personality.

Maltese Puppy Health Considerations

Though generally very happy and long-lived — with an average lifespan of around 13-15 years — our Malteses for sale are not without their unique health concerns. Like every breed of dog, there are a few conditions you should be aware of before you consider purchasing one of our Maltese puppies for sale. Understanding the risks allows you to know the signs and prevent small health concerns from turning into big ones.

Maltese puppies are at a somewhat elevated risk for developing the following conditions:

  • Cardiac Issues
  • Luxating Patella
  • Collapsed Trachea
  • Allergies
  • Eye Problems
  • Dental Issues
  • Shaker Syndrome

Potential health concerns for your little fluffball include cardiac irregularities, slipped knee caps (luxating patella), collapsed trachea, allergies, eye problems, dental issues and shaker syndrome or white shaker dog disease.

With some basic knowledge of the breed’s health concerns, you can be sure to give your Maltese the best possible chance at a long and healthy life. Finding a Maltese puppy for sale from a reputable breeder can also dramatically — although, not eliminate — the risk of your dog developing some of these conditions. At Keystone Puppies, we work exclusively with experienced breeders who are committed to producing healthy & happy pups. To learn more about what we do to ensure your pup’s quality of life, read about the Keystone Puppies Health Guarantee!

Maltese Puppy Coat & Coat Care

When it comes to coat and coat care for your Maltese pup, there is good news! These little balls of fluff have an easy-to-maintain coat that requires minimal grooming. From brushing once a day to regular baths and nail trimming, you can keep your pup looking their best with just a few simple steps. Because of the body shape and lack of undercoat, Maltese dogs are naturally low shedders, so their coats won’t leave the house looking like a fur ball factory like some other breeds. With proper care and grooming, their white fur will remain soft and silky giving your pup that regal look they deserve. Plus, incorporating regular grooming sessions into your routine can be great bonding time too!

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