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Vizsla Breed Overview

Want to bring home an adorable Vizsla puppy for sale? You’ve come to the right place. At Keystone Puppies, our mission is to help Vizsla puppies find their forever homes. In addition to Vizslas, we work with a range of other breeds — including Chocolate Labs, German Shorthaired Pointer, and more! All our puppies are bred with the highest standards of ethical integrity — free of common genetic defects that impact less responsible breeders — and are raised in happy homes where they’re treated like part of the family before becoming part of yours!

The Vizsla dog breed has an incredibly long and storied history! What started as a breed favored by the Magyar herdsmen of Hungary in the 8th Century eventually became the beloved companion of Hungarian recreational hunters, who used them to scent and point out game. In 1906, these loyal dogs were brought over to America where they became favorites among hunters and families alike. Of course, their popularity was never more evident than after World War II when many soldiers brought home these dogs with them as mementos of their time abroad.

Nowadays, the Vizsla is justifiably treasured for its intelligence, unwavering loyalty and outgoing personality – traits which have made them a beloved presence in homes all around the world!

  • Country of Origin: Hungary
  • Weight: 45 - 65 lbs
  • Height: 21 - 25 inches
  • Color: The coat color should be solid golden-rust color in different shadings. The coat could also be described as a copper/brown color, russet gold and dark sandy gold.

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Vizsla Puppies Temperament

The Vizsla dog breed is truly a special breed. These active, loyal canines bring joy and companionship to households around the world. Faithful and intelligent, Vizslas are gentle-natured pups that love to snuggle in for cuddle time with any family member. Vizslas are an active breed though and need daily exercise. The joyful temperament of a Vizsla also means one should take care not to overestimate their intelligence; anything complicated has a higher chance of frustrating them rather than entertaining.

With just the right balance of activity and loving care, Vizslas will light up any home with their loyalty, love, and devotion.

Vizsla Puppy Health Considerations

Though generally very happy and long-lived — with an average lifespan of around 11 – 14 years — our Vizslas for sale are not without their unique health concerns. Like every breed of dog, there are a few conditions you should be aware of before you consider purchasing one of our Vizsla puppies for sale. Understanding the risks allows you to know the signs and prevent small health concerns from turning into big ones.

Vizsla puppies are at a somewhat elevated risk for developing the following conditions:

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Joint Problems
  • Thyroid Issues
  • Cancer

One of the biggest diseases to look out for in Vizslas is hip dysplasia; this genetic condition can increase risk for arthritis as they age, which can lead to joint pain and mobility issues. Additionally, an underactive thyroid gland can result in weight gain and lethargy.

With some basic knowledge of the breed’s health concerns, you can be sure to give your Vizsla the best possible chance at a long and healthy life. Finding a Vizsla puppy for sale from a reputable breeder can also dramatically — although, not eliminate — the risk of your dog developing some of these conditions. At Keystone Puppies, we work exclusively with experienced breeders who are committed to producing healthy & happy pups. To learn more about what we do to ensure your pup’s quality of life, read about the Keystone Puppies Health Guarantee!

Vizsla Puppy Coat & Coat Care

A Vizsla’s coat is a thing of beauty! Sleek and silky, theirs is a lustrous fur that requires frequent care in order to be kept at its best. To keep their coat looking perfect, brushing your Vizsla regularly will help remove dirt, excess oils, and loose hair from the coat. Brushing should be done every few days and preferably after walks or playtime.

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