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Jackapoo Breed Overview

Want to bring home an adorable Jackapoo puppy for sale? You’ve come to the right place. At Keystone Puppies, our mission is to help Jackapoo puppies find their forever homes. In addition to Jackapoos, we work with a range of other breeds — including Jack Russell Mixes, Jack Russell Terriers, and more! All our puppies are bred with the highest standards of ethical integrity — free of common genetic defects that impact less responsible breeders — and are raised in happy homes where they’re treated like part of the family before becoming part of yours!

The Jackapoo, or Jack-A-Poo, is the fantastic hybrid combination of a Jack Russell Rerrier and a Poodle. Their history stretches back to the late 1980s – early 1990s and they’ve been gaining popularity ever since!

Jackapoos are known for their friendly nature, intelligence and long lifespan which makes them great family pets. Though loving, these dogs can still be feisty so early socialization with other dogs and people is recommended to curb any naughty behavior. Whatever you do though, you’ll find that the Jackapoo’s spirit will keep your heart warm.

  • Country of Origin: N/A
  • Weight: 12 - 18 lbs
  • Height: 10 - 15 inches
  • Color: The Jackapoo can come in a variety of colors. Their coat can be predominately white with black and/or tan colors like the Jack Russell or more solid colors which come from the Poodle.

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Jackapoo Puppies Temperament

The Jackapoo is an adorable, loving and lovable pup, one who knows how to put a smile on all of those nearby. They are known for their sociability and fun-loving disposition – generally welcoming and inclusive of others. For these reasons, the Jackapoo makes for a great family pet – tolerant of children and other animals alike, always up for some affectionate playtime as well!

Highly intelligent, this breed picks up tricks quickly, so early positive socialization and training is essential. With enthusiasm for all things furry and four-legged (especially their owners!), the Jackapoo stands out among mixed breeds as true companion material.

Jackapoo Puppy Health Considerations

Though generally very happy and long-lived — with an average lifespan of around 12-15 years — our Jackapoos for sale are not without their unique health concerns. Like every breed of dog, there are a few conditions you should be aware of before you consider purchasing one of our Jackapoo puppies for sale. Understanding the risks allows you to know the signs and prevent small health concerns from turning into big ones.

Jackapoo puppies are at a somewhat elevated risk for developing the following conditions:

  • Luxating Patella
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Allergies

Some of the most common ailments for these canine companions can include patellar luxation, hip dysplasia, and allergies.

With some basic knowledge of the breed’s health concerns, you can be sure to give your Jackapoo the best possible chance at a long and healthy life. Finding a Jackapoo puppy for sale from a reputable breeder can also dramatically — although, not eliminate — the risk of your dog developing some of these conditions. At Keystone Puppies, we work exclusively with experienced breeders who are committed to producing healthy & happy pups. To learn more about what we do to ensure your pup’s quality of life, read about the Keystone Puppies Health Guarantee!

Jackapoo Puppy Coat & Coat Care

The coat of a Jackapoo can vary depending on the traits it has inherited from its parent breeds. Some may have curly or wavy coats, while others could be silky and smooth. Regardless of which type of coat your pup has, proper maintenance is important for keeping their fur looking good and healthy.

Grooming should take place at least monthly to help remove dead hair and prevent matting. In between groomings, daily brushing is needed to help distribute natural oils throughout the coat and remove any dirt build-up. Additionally, occasional bathing with a gentle coat shampoo will help keep their fur looking glossy and feeling soft. All in all, with the right care regimen for their coat, you can keep your Jackapoo’s fur looking pretty much as great as they do!

Jackapoo Reviews

  • Our little Jackapoo, Keiki, has been so much fun. We are active older adults and she keeps us walking, playing and socializing. She is extremely smart and has learned many tricks and creative ways to communicate. She loves people, including children, as well as other dogs and cats. If we are busy, she entertains herself for hours chasing the pool sweep and hunting lizards and squirrels. We love this fun loving breed. And though it depends on the genes, our little girl has the Jack Russell personality but the Poodle coat which doesn’t shed. Highly recommend for active adults and families!

    Karen G.

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