Norwegian Elkhound Puppies for Sale

Norwegian Elkhound puppies for sale
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Norwegian Elkhound Puppies For Sale

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Norwegian Elkhound Overview

The Norwegian Elkhound is believed to have originated back in the Viking days. This breed was used for hunting, herding, guarding & watching. The Norwegian Elkhound was first recognized by the AKC in 1930 and grouped as Hound.

  • Country of Origin: Norway
  • Weight: 45 - 55 lbs
  • Height: 19 - 21 inches
  • Color: This breed is gray/silver/black. They are born a dark black color and turn lighter with age.

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Norwegian Elkhound Temperament

The Norwegian Elkhound is reliable and good with children. This breed is friendly, dependable and trustworthy…but also alert & wary of strangers. They are intelligent and affectionate there fore will make a great family pet.

Norwegian Elkhound Health Considerations

The average life expectancy is between 11 – 14 years. The health issues of the Norwegian Elkhound are similar to other large breed dogs:

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy
  • Hot Spots

Norwegian Elkhound Coat

This breed has a double coat. The outer coat is weather-resistant, hard, thick, and smooth while the under coat is dense, soft, and woolly.

This breed sheds all year long so a good brushing once a week will take care of the dead hair. The Norwegian Elkhound’s coat is water resistant, so they should only be bathed when necessary.

Adopted Norwegian Elkhound Puppies

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