Key Dog Terms: Purebred, F1 & F1B

Sometimes the perfect pooch is puppy love at first sight, while other times finding the right dog for you requires some research. While reading up on all the different types of dog breeds, you may have come across a couple of terms: purebred, F1, and F1B. So, what does F1B mean, and why do you see it so often?

At Keystone Puppies, we’re a dog adoption agency that pairs happy, healthy puppies with loving homes. We represent ethical breeders that raise a wide variety of breeds. To make your puppy finding experience easier, we’re breaking down what these key terms mean. Plus, since Goldendoodles are one of the most popular pups around, we’ll define these key generational dog terms in relation to these bundles of golden joy!


What Do F1B and F1 Mean?

Picking out your perfect puppy is important to get right, and there’s a ton of information to sift through while you do it! By defining some of the most popular dog terms, we’re hoping to make it a little easier on you. Once you understand these classifications better, you’ll be more equipped to select the dog of your dreams. Let’s jump in!

  • Purebred – The dog term you’re probably most familiar with, purebred dogs are a recognized breed by a national kennel club or other official doggy authority. These dogs have a pure lineage, meaning that they and all their ancestors are of the same breed – no breed mixing has occurred. Being purebred doesn’t mean that it is the “best” dog – some of the very best and most lovable dogs are mixed breeds! Also, being purebred doesn’t hold the same prestige as it used to, as F1 and F1B dogs are becoming more and more popular.
  • F1 – An F1 dog is a mix of two purebreds, resulting in a first-generation mixed dog. It is 50% one of its purebred parents and 50% the other purebred parent. Think of it in terms of a first-generation Goldendoodle: a verified purebred Golden Retriever breeds with a verified purebred Poodle – meaning those adorable Goldendoodle puppies are 50/50 two purebred breeds. Make sense? Good! Now, hold tight while we explain this next dog term…
  • F1B – F1B puppies are the children of a F1 dog bred with a purebred dog, and the resulting puppies are 75% one dog breed and 25% the other breed. Think of it this way – for F1B Goldendoodles, their F1 parent is 50/50 Golden Retriever and Poodle, and mixing that bloodline with a 100% purebred Retriever or Poodle will result in puppies that are 75/25 the two breeds. Generally, F1B Goldendoodles often means they’re 75% Poodle with 25% Golden Retriever because that tends to be the most popular mix. Meet more of our favorite mixed breeds.


Why People Love F1B Goldendoodles

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Now that we’ve answered, “What does F1B mean?” and used the real-life Goldendoodle example, let’s dig into why we chose them as the “golden” example. Simply put, these adorable pups are one of the most in-demand breeds out there right now! And it’s not hard to see why – check out some of the best traits of this ultra-lovable breed:


  • High chance of being hypoallergenic – Thanks to their poodle ancestors, F1B Goldendoodles are often hypoallergenic, which is great for dog lovers with allergies!
  • Smaller size – Compared to purebred Golden Retrievers, which can be quite large, mini-Goldendoodles are smaller in size, making them ideal for families with lots of room in their hearts but not in their homes.
  • Poodle intelligence – Ever heard that Poodles are some of the brightest dogs? F1B Goldendoodles inherit all of their Poodle ancestors’ intelligence, too!
  • Adorable Poodle curls – In addition to their smarts, F1B Goldendoodles inherit those precious Poodle curls, resulting in an absolutely picture-perfect puppy!
  • Maintains the great Golden Retriever personality – These puppies inherit the best of both breeds – including that irresistible Golden Retriever personality.
  • Cutest pooches around – F1B Goldendoodles tend to inherit the Golden Retriever head, with a shorter snout and circular golden face. Pair those traits with the charming Poodle curls, and you’ve got the cutest dog on the block!


Find Your Fur-Ever Friend Today

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Now that you know what F1B, F1, and purebred mean, you might feel ready to bring home your new fur-ever friend. If you and your family are ready, we’d love to help you find your perfect pooch. At Keystone Puppies, we represent the highest quality breeders – and hold them to the strictest standards – to ensure we pair you with a happy and healthy dog.

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